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1. This form can be filled by students between the age group of 17 to 25 years only.

2. Registration form is divided into 4 sections namely: Personals, Account Auth, Concession, Admission

3. Its Mandatory to fill all the sections.

4. Concession General information:

i) Boys will get 50% discount for Quaterly and Monthly pass
ii) Girls will get 50% discount on Quaterly and Monthly pass will be free of cost.

5. You are required to upload documents mentioned in the Instruction Section in .pdf format:

All the documents are required to be in one file.
Save the file name in format: DVS_Surname_FirstName_MiddleName_AdmitYr.pdf

6. If you submit the form successfully then the page will redirect to login page with "Task Completed !" message else it would mean that the registration has failed

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Phase 1

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Phase 2

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Concession Info

Phase 3

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Please Note: Concession Will be given from your Suburb to KURLA only.

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Admission Info

Phase 4

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